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Awesomefiction 十二翼黑暗炽天使 – Chapter 1219 – I’m Not Good At Movement Techniques drawer mammoth read-p3
Let Me Game in Peace

NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
Chapter 1219 – I’m Not Good At Movement Techniques majestic useful
Zhou Wen quickly recalled.
“I don’t care. In any case, you should show him. I just have this boy. Do since you consider fit.” Hui Haifeng sat down and poured him self a cup of green tea, dismissing Zhou Wen. He looked almost like he was obviously a scoundrel and that he was extremely pleased to enjoy a child.
Nevertheless, to his delight, when Hui Haifeng found Zhou Wen, he gone over and punched him during the torso. “Why didn’t you explain to me before going to Sacred Location? You even abducted Minimal Wan. What is the concept of this? Are you presently envious i have a very daughter? If you’re jealous, say it. I’ll get Minimal Wan to generally be your G.o.dson to prevent you from finding envious.”
Finding Zhou Wen acknowledge conquer, Liu Yujin didn’t say whatever else.
Now, without understanding what Substance Electricity Art work Zhou Wen acquired imparted, Hui Haifeng possessed referred to it as being c.r.a.p. This change was too unexpected.
“That’s similar to it.” Hui Haifeng pressed Hui Wan’s travel and expected, “Cultivate the Fact Strength Art your Uncle Zhou presented you. You don’t have to develop other Essence Strength Disciplines down the road.”
“Little Wan, precisely what are you awaiting? Hurry up and provide your Granddad Zhou your newly purchased year’s greetings. A reddish package is unquestionably in order,” Hui Haifeng claimed with a smile.
Hui Haifeng didn’t wait around for Liu Yujin to finish before introducing, “Yujin, this really is my junior, Zhou Wen. Create a pa.s.s for him to make sure that he can get into as well as leaving freely to prevent difficulty down the road.”
Zhou Wen experienced partial duty for naming the Two times Genuine mobility procedure. Hui Haifeng also stated that one half of the action process was Zhou Wen’s. He was embarra.s.sed to compliment the efficiency with the motion technique as it becomes similar to praising him or her self.
“Your Excellency, we used a great deal of efforts to have the Substance Electricity Artwork from your Spouse and children Clan of G.o.ds and created the corresponding Mythical Serum…” Liu Yujin hurriedly reminded Hui Haifeng.
Equally as Liu Yujin was approximately to mention one thing, he observed anyone enter in. It was none other than Hui Haifeng, who was dressed in formal dress.
Also, this action strategy was only regarded typical to Zhou Wen.
“It’s common,” Zhou Wen explained casually.
“Dad… He stated that he’s not capable at action techniques…” Hui Wan discovered a possibility and whispered.
“I didn’t say so. He was quoted saying it him or her self,” Hui Wan waved his palm and pointed at Zhou Wen.
Zhou Wen experienced partial responsibility for naming the 2x Real motion procedure. Hui Haifeng also claimed that one half of the motion procedure was Zhou Wen’s. He was embarra.s.sed to positive reviews the effectiveness of the mobility method as it may be similar to praising him self.
Even so, to his amaze, when Hui Haifeng noticed Zhou Wen, he proceeded to go over and punched him on the chest muscles. “Why didn’t you inform me before coming to Holy Town? You even abducted Small Wan. What is the concept of this? Will you be envious that we take a boy? If you’re envious, say it. I’ll get Minor Wan being your G.o.dson to stop you from finding envious.”
Hui Wan was somewhat upset. He acquired mixed sensations. Despite the fact that he didn’t want his father’s track record to become broken, also, he hoped that Zhou Wen could well be as formidable as possible. So long as which was the situation, the value of what he discovered from Zhou Wen would be bigger.
In addition, this motion method was just regarded as common to Zhou Wen.
Even so, the location it coated was still rather sizable. Following pa.s.sing from the entry ways, the vital thing he noticed became a big vacant s.p.a.ce. It was such as a area with lots of troops exercising.
Zhou Wen acquired partial duty for identifying the Increase Real movements strategy. Hui Haifeng also mentioned that one half of the mobility process was Zhou Wen’s. He was embarra.s.sed to positive reviews the strength of your mobility approach as it would be similar to praising him or her self.
“Dad…” Hui Wan’s expression was strange as if he desired to say anything.
“It’s normal,” Zhou Wen explained casually.
“That’s a lot more like it.” Hui Haifeng pushed Hui Wan’s travel and expected, “Cultivate the Fact Strength Art work your Granddad Zhou presented you. You don’t must increase other Fact Energy Disciplines at some point.”
“Your Excellency, we devoted a lot of work to have the Heart and soul Power Fine art from your Family members Clan of G.o.ds and came up with the corresponding Mythical Serum…” Liu Yujin hurriedly reminded Hui Haifeng.
“Your Excellency…” Liu Yujin was somewhat shocked. From Hui Haifeng’s concept, he appeared to be sure that this became the best Zhou Wen.
“Aren’t you shameless? It is only the midst of the year, ok? New year’s greetings? Is not this too early?” Zhou Wen was confused whether to have a good laugh or weep.
Zhou Wen quickly recalled.
Hui Wan also was aware that it issue essential Hui Haifeng’s authorisation. After a little idea, he nodded in contract and inserted the living area with Zhou Wen when they anxiously waited for Hui Haifeng’s come back.
Beneath Liu Yujin’s “escort,” Zhou Wen arrived facing a mansion all over again. However, Hui Wan got used the side door previously on this occasion, people were taking the main entrance.
“Dad… He stated that he’s not capable of motion techniques…” Hui Wan observed the opportunity and whispered.
“With my junior’s Substance Electricity Art, what do you really need that c.r.a.p for?” Hui Haifeng’s words and phrases eventually left Liu Yujin’s lips agape.
Liu Yujin couldn’t admit what he was hearing. He stated coldly, “The Two times Accurate movements strategy came from the Hui family members, but it’s used by lots of young families during the Federation’s four districts. It’s a required movement technique for the military. It really has been approved by many members of the military in numerous struggles. Even an army as formidable as Luoyang’s Sundown Army techniques the 2x A fact movement method on a large. Sir, you stated that this mobility method is regular. I believe you own a far better mobility procedure than the Increase Correct motion method?”

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