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Chapter 2973 – Fleeing From the Moon God Hall memory remove
Eventually, the previous three great elders from the Moon God Hall obtained alongside one another. Yue Wuguang had already altered in to a clean set of silver robes, no more during the identical sorry appearance as well before. Even so, his wounds had not considered a change for the more effective at all. They had been in the same way critical as before.

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These folks were both Fifth Incredible Coating Chaotic Primes!
Bang! Bang! Bang!
Inside of the Moon Our god Hall, Yun Wufeng made his way over the corridors as a bright display with Jian Chen. As the previous terrific senior citizens, he was obviously informed about the design and path inside the Moon Lord Hallway. Consequently, he reached the key front door with no trouble. Yun Wufeng casually taken off the numerous formations and road blocks he come across on the way.
“My entire-driven strike can’t even abrasion him!? H- how is it impossible!”
To these people, Chaotic Primes ended up frightening, but they also were not sufficient so they are really feel utter give up hope.
However, Jian Chen was in no ailment to pay attention to them now. His body swayed about because he struggled to take back his ground. The power of his spirit was completely exhausted. Aside from the splitting headache, even planet appeared to spin and rewrite all around him through his eyeballs.
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The elders immediately rejoiced with this view, as just a Chaotic Perfect dared not directly experience their episodes once they had been completely defenceless.
Bang! Bang! Bang!
What managed that imply? It resulted in even if he just stood there and made it possible for them to episode him since they wanted, they might not even leave a indicate on Jian Chen.
“Whether it’s Yun Wufeng or the imposter, our Moon Our god Hall will never sacrifice frequently of which.” Yue Wuguang soil his tooth enamel. As he declared that, he constantly coughed, coughing up a bloody wreck.
But at this time, Yun Wufeng suddenly sprang out prior to Jian Chen. He grabbed Jian Chen and completely dismissed the elders all around him, vanishing with him in a flash. He without delay left behind the Burial Moon Cavern.
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Especially, the accidental injuries to his spirit basically caused him intensive pain all the time. He believed like his soul was remaining sculpted apart.
Jian Chen got just experienced their problems in reference to his body alone, which obviously built the senior citizens are convinced that this impressive foe who disguised himself being the 6th elder will be near to loss of life even if he survived.
Eventually, Yun Wufeng successfully escaped coming from the Moon The lord Hallway. Then he flew off into the surroundings and pushed his velocity for the restrict, promptly vanishing into your horizon.
What did that indicate? It meant even though he just endured there and helped these to strike him while they wanted, they may not actually depart a indicate on Jian Chen.
It was absolutely unattainable for him being defeated, far less seriously hurt, when he fought against Yun Wufeng. A person behind all of this was the sixth elder’s imposter.
It turned out absolutely difficult for him to be defeated, a lot less seriously injured, when he fought against Yun Wufeng. The person behind all of this was the 6th elder’s imposter.
“T- that is extremely hard!”
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What do that indicate? It resulted in even when he just withstood there and authorized these phones episode him because they wished, they might not even leave a tag on Jian Chen.
For a moment, the elders of the Moon Lord Hall all observed a deep a feeling of beat.
Specifically, the accidents to his soul basically created him intense ache at all times. He noticed like his spirit was becoming toned away.
Jian Chen got just endured their assaults regarding his human body by itself, which obviously manufactured the seniors feel that this strong foe who disguised himself because the sixth elder would be in close proximity to loss regardless if he survived.
Section 2973: Fleeing From the Moon Lord Hallway
In the next minute, most of the elders coming from the Moon Lord Hallway transformed drastically in manifestation. Their encounters towards Jian Chen were actually filled with fright.

But at this time, Yun Wufeng suddenly made an appearance prior to Jian Chen. He grabbed Jian Chen and completely neglected the seniors about him, vanishing with him very quickly. He promptly still left the Burial Moon Cavern.
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“Yun Wufeng is tormented by the Nether Ghost Vine for such a long time, therefore, the vine has left out its existence in his physique in the past. This presence can’t be erased easily, as a result it won’t be hard for people like us to find Yun Wufeng,” claimed Luo Fei. As he initially found how seriously injured Yue Wuguang was, he too paled in fright, much like Yue Wuguang’s durability like a 7th Divine Covering Chaotic Primary, anybody who could injure or hurt him was well beyond just what up-to-date Moon God Hallway could deal with.
For just a moment, the senior citizens of your Moon Our god Hall all felt an in-depth feeling of conquer.
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Nevertheless, Jian Chen was in no ailment to concentrate on them today. His system swayed about since he fought to recover his ground. The power of his spirit was completely drained. Independent of the splitting pain, also the environment appeared to spin and rewrite about him through his vision.
It was subsequently absolutely unattainable for him to get beaten, far less harmed, as he fought against Yun Wufeng. Whomever behind all this was the 6th elder’s imposter.
Just after Yun Wufeng possessed kept, two results drew closer and rapidly appeared prior to the Moon God Hallway. Eventually, they become two blurs and accessed through the door, vanishing to the divine hallway.
But right this moment, Jian Chen’s hard body truly created these Endless Primes actually feel lose hope and anxiety. They can all clearly convey to that Jian Chen were completely defenceless before. He acquired not clogged or accomplished a single thing responding often. He experienced truly utilized his body system by itself to battle their assaults.
However, Jian Chen is at no situation to concentrate on them right this moment. His system swayed about when he fought to restore his ground. The strength of his soul was completely exhausted. Aside from the splitting headaches, perhaps the world did actually ” spin ” close to him through his eyes.
Bang! Bang! Bang!
In the long run, Yun Wufeng successfully escaped from the Moon Our god Hallway. Then he flew off into the oxygen and pushed his performance for the restriction, promptly vanishing to the horizon.
But after learning the reason behind his injury, Luo Fei right away ceased thinking.

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